Environmental Policies

Increasing environmental problems have encouraged issues related to sustainability to be included in development discussions. The realization of energy production and consumption within the framework of the concept of sustainable development has become one of the most important goals of today. In this context, renewable energy sources have become an indispensable element of environmental policies.

As Aluminance, we aim to realize our production with our investments in knowledge and technology, with our approach and understanding of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy policies. With this belief;

We act with the aim of meeting all the requirements by closely following the international standards and national environmental legislation requirements. It is our priority to manage the environmental risks of all the work we do and the investment decisions we make.

To be a pioneer in the adoption of new technologies, to choose alternative materials, to use natural resources at a minimum level,

We care about minimizing environmental emissions arising from our products, services and activities, and ensuring maximum recycling by separating wastes at their source.

We take the necessary precautions by considering the biological diversity in our region,

In line with this aim, we organize the necessary training activities in order to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and to make it a philosophy of life.