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Sustainable Innovation

The concepts of sustainability and sustainable development are among the most discussed topics of the last few decades in our world where environmental degradation is increasing. The issue of sustainability is at the center of the energy, economy and environment triangle, and therefore it is discussed in a wide range from social scientists to natural scientists, from politicians to local and international environmental organizations, as well as governments and intergovernmental organizations.

In this context, Aluminum and renewable energy have taken their place in a sustainable economy more than ever before. With the declaration that it sees aluminum as a strategic material that supports the green transition in the European Union, the place of this aluminum in the scope of sustainability has gained even more importance.

Our aim with sustainability is to create a more livable society by transforming natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways. Our goal is to increase profitability, ensure sustainability and create value for all stakeholders.

Our technology and innovation strategy is at the center of our sustainability strategy. The only way to reach net zero is through innovation and the use of new technologies.