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The Relationship between Energy and Environmental Awareness and Aluminum

Because producing aluminum requires a lot of energy, it is very important to use energy sources that leave a small carbon footprint. In recent years, there have been developments in the aluminum production industry as well as in energy. With the technological developments made between 1950-1986, the amount of energy used for aluminum production decreased by 30%. More than 60% of the electrical energy used for aluminum production in the Western world is obtained from hydroelectric power plants.

Where aluminum is used, it is defined as an "energy bank" because it saves many times more than the energy consumed and can be reused endlessly. 30% of the aluminum used is obtained from the recovery of scrap. 70% of the aluminum used in the electrical, construction and automotive industries can be recycled many times.

Various studies are also carried out on aluminum production methods. In primary aluminum production facilities, fluorine gas emissions were reduced by 50% and dust waste by 75%. Efforts are made to reduce the amount of waste generated in these facilities to levels that will not harm the environment. Today, when its electricity is based on sources such as coal and natural gas, it is known that CO2 emissions can be reduced more than five times with solar energy panels and wind turbines that encourage and facilitate electricity obtained from renewable sources. Therefore, our main strategy is to expand the areas where we can use zero-emission energy by increasing the world's renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power plants, wind energy and solar energy.