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Self-Born Metal; Aluminum

Aluminum, which is still considered a young metal in the world, has become an indispensable material in the last hundred years with its attractive properties that we use in many areas of our lives. Aluminum is taken from nature as bauxite mineral, which makes up 8% of the earth's crust, and is a metal used by many sectors. Among the biggest reasons for the preference of aluminum are its lightness, long life, resistance to external factors and different climatic conditions, easy shaping, low maintenance costs, colorability and having alternative features such as technologically endless product variety. It has become a part of daily life and preferred because it can form alloys with different properties.

It is also very important for promoting the recovery of aluminum, which is beneficial in many areas, and for the development of production technologies. In this sense, it is obvious that aluminum will become a much more preferred production item over time. Recent studies also reveal this situation. While making future plans in all areas of life, the fact of aluminum should not be overlooked and should be taken into account as one of the important items of planning. From healthcare to aviation and defense industry, construction and industrial industry, aluminum continues to strengthen its presence in all areas of life.

One of the most important advantages of aluminum is its generally long service life. The fact that 90-100 years old components are still intact today is the biggest source of support for this thesis. The service life of building components such as windows can reach 60 years. At the end of its service life, aluminum becomes a valuable starting material for further use.

Aluminum is an almost completely recyclable and reusable material. In this context, used aluminum is recycled and feeds the circular economy. Since aluminum is recyclable on a large scale with no loss of quality, it is a resource in the literal sense of the word, not a waste.